Multidimensional Multiplexing Optical Transmission Technology in Multicore Fiber for Optical Access and Wireless Backhaul Networks (XCORE)

Coordinated research project XCORE «Multidimensional Multiplexing Optical Transmission Technology in Multicore Fiber for Optical Access and Wireless Backhaul Networks» main objective is to research and develop the required technologies to open up multi-core fiber as a valid solution for optical access networks with a high number of users, and high-capacity wireless bachaul networks.

Optical transmission using multi-core fiber provides a lower installation cost (easier civil construction and a reduced visual impact) altogether with a higher transmission capacity per channel. Aimed to these objectives, XCORE develops two new optical coupling techniques via M3CORE subproject, focused on photonic technology.

The proposed optical coupling technology is based on evanescent electromagnetic field coupling to inject and extract data from different users targeting large multiuser scenarios, e.g. access networks. A photonic integrated circuit (PIC) coupling based on a nanoscale grating array is investigated for high bitrate point-to-point links as in cellular/wireless transport network. XCORE project also develops key subsystems as an optical source for multi-core fiber based on the new generation of reconfigurable optical combs. XCORE develops advanced multiplexing techniques for the two scenarios proposed in this project: SCM-PAM for access network, and TWDM-SDM-PAM for cellular transport network. All these developments require strong digital signal processing, implemented via the OPTODSP subproject.

The main objectives of this subproject are: to ensure a correctly synchronization of the optical combs; to compensate the non ideal optical coupling, inter core crosstalk and additional physical impairments in SCM-PAM and TWDM-SDM-PAM modulations at 480 Gbit/s bitrate, and to develop optimal FEC for multi-core operation.

XCORE coordinates two subprojects: M3CORE, focused on the development of photonic technology; and OPTODSP, focused on the digital signal processing. In particular:

TEC2015-70858-C2-1-R SUBPROYECTO 1 (coordinador del proyecto coordinado):
TÍTULO: Tecnología de Multiplexación Multidimensional en Fibra Multi-Núcleo para Redes Ópticas de Muy Alta Capacidad (M3CORE)
INVESTIGADOR PRINCIPAL 1: Dr. Roberto Llorente Sáez
INVESTIGADOR PRINCIPAL 2: Dr. Juan Luis Corral González

TEC2015-70858-C2-2-R SUBPROYECTO 2:
TÍTULO: Tratamiento Digital de la Señal y Corrección de Errores en Transmisión Óptica mediante Fibra Multi-Núcleo para Redes Ópticas de Acceso y de Transporte Celular (OPTODSP)
INVESTIGADOR PRINCIPAL 1: Dr. Javier Valls Coquillat
INVESTIGADOR PRINCIPAL 2: Dr. Vicenç Almenar Terré

Funding Entity

Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad. Dirección General de Investigación Científica y Técnica Subdirección General de Proyectos de Investigación


Convocatoria 2015 Proyectos RETOS (TEC2015)

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Dr. Roberto Llorente y Dr. Juan Luis Corral





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95.100 €


Research Group

Optical Networks and Photonic Systems