The Nanophotonics Technology Center (NTC), placed at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) campus, was created on 2005 to become a leading R&D center in nanophotonic science and technology. Our main mission is to place the NTC at the forefront of the knowledge in fundamental nanophotonic science as well as to use this knowledge to build novel materials, devices and systems for a wide range of applications.


Nowadays, the NTC has a human team formed by more than 50 people, including UPV professors, post-doctoral researchers, clean-room technicians and PhD students. The strong involvement of all our skilled personnel enables us to develop activities in many different topics including telecom, datacom, computing, biosensing, space or photovoltaics, amongst others.


The NTC has a series of outstanding technological facilities, including state of the art simulation tools, labs for device and system characterization, and an assembly and packaging laboratory. But it deserves special consideration our state-of-the-art 250 m2 clean-room, aimed at the fabrication of nanophotonic structures and devices using silicon-compatible technology. Together with the CNM (Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica) in Barcelona and the ISOM in Madrid, our clean-room is part of the Micronanofabs network, approved by the Ministry of Science, Technology and University as an ICTS.



Over the years, the NTC has shown an extraordinary technological potential as well as a strong vocation towards industrial transfer of its photonics technology, either through agreements with companies interested in the results of the research, or through the creation of spin-off companies. As a result of this vocation, the NTC created in 2006 DAS Photonics S.L., the first spin-off company at UPV, which currently employs more than 100 people.


Jaime García Rupérez - Group leader

Amadeu Griol Barres - Postdoctoral researcher

Salvador Ponce Alcántara - Postdoctoral researcher

Paula Martínez Pérez - Predoctoral researcher

Antonio Ganfornina Andrades - Predoctoral researcher


Roberto Llorente Sáez - Group leader

Maria Morant Pérez - Postdoctoral researcher


Pablo Sanchis Kilders - Group leader

Juan Navarro Arenas - Postdoctoral researcher

Jorge Parra Gómez - Predoctoral researcher

Miguel Ribera Vicent - Junior researcher

Alba Vicente Olmo - Junior researcher

Alejandro Santomé Valverde - Junior researcher


Javier Martí Sendra - Group leader

David Ortiz De Zárate Díaz - Postdoctoral researcher

Sergio Lechago Buendía - Postdoctoral researcher

Carlos García Meca - Senior researcher

Francisco Javier Díaz Fernández - Predoctoral researcher

Yoannet Díaz Valdés - Predoctoral researcher


Guillermo Sánchez Plaza - Group leader

Giuseppe Libero Bufi - Junior researcher


Alejandro Martínez - Group leader

Elena Pinilla Cienfuegos - Postdoctoral researcher

Víctor Jesús Gómez Hernández - Postdoctoral researcher

Laura Mercadé Morales - Postdoctoral researcher

Juan Enrique Vázquez-Lozano - Predoctoral researcher

Evelyn Díaz Escobar - Predoctoral researcher

Ana Díaz Rubio - Postdoctoral researcher

María Isabel Gómez Gómez - Senior researcher

Javier Redolat Querol - Predoctoral researcher

Lucía Castelló Pedrero - Proyectista

Laura Bonilla Hernández - Proyectista

Raúl López March - Proyectista

Ana Sanmartín Senent - Proyectista

Sofiya Zorina - Proyectista

Juan Carlos Gómez Fresneda - Proyectista

Diego Safont Safont - Proyectista

Eva Zafra Blázquez - Proyectista


Borja Vidal Rodríguez - Group leader

Miguel A. Báez-Chorro - Predoctoral researcher

Gustavo Zoireff - Predoctoral researcher

Jose Antonio Álvarez Sanchis - Predoctoral researcher

Krishna Kumar - Predoctoral researcher

Krishna Kumar - Proyectista


Rafael Bueno Barbeyto - Group leader

Amadeu Griol Barres - Postdoctoral researcher

José Ángel Ayúcar Ruiz - Process engineer

Juan Hurtado Montañés - Process engineer

Laurent Christophe Bellieres - Process engineer

Todora Ivanova Angelova - Process engineer

Miroslavna Kovylina Zabyako - Process engineer

David Zurita Herranz - Process engineer

Alfredo Peñarrubia Blasco - Technical staff

Luis Collado Aranda - Technical staff

Cristina Villegas Martínez - Technical staff

Jose Luis Quintanilla Ruiz - Technical staff


Saturnino Castillo Oñate - Group leader

Isabel Salas Carmona - Management

Carlos García Suárez - Management

María Caterina Calatayud Noguera - Management

Esther Aguirre González de Heredia - Management

Daniel Ibáñez Gudiño - System Administrator

The NTC is strongly committed to combatting all forms of gender discrimination in our work environment. For that reason, in addition of being an active part of the UPV’s II Equality Plan, we have decided to have our own roadmap and, for instance, we have flexible working-hours to harmonise work and personal life.


We are aware that these actions, important as they are, are however not in themselves enough to bring the change that is required to remove the current inequalities, as the number of women in science studies, university teaching and research is still low.


We are yet far from equality, but we have reached 54% of women in post-doc positions and one of our most successful research lines has achieved 74% of women. And, what is more important, women researchers are always encouraged to propose ideas and opinions, participate in all our research teams and are always included in all our research projects and proposals, in lead positions when likely.


From our modest position, we are determined to be agents of change and, for this purpose, we have decided to create internally a Gender Equality Committee. The objective of this Committee is to raise a permanent dialogue on gender and science that will allow us both, to introduce a gender perspective in all our activities and to identify challenges, weaknesses, new approaches, etc. that may show us the way to improve.


This Committee will be composed by representatives of all categories (professors, students, post-doc, administration, etc.) and will be leaded and assisted by personnel with gender equality training. The Committee will inform periodically about its activities, conclusions, etc.


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