The Nanophotonics Technology Center (NTC), placed at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) campus, was created on 2005 to become a leading R&D center in nanophotonic science and technology. Our main mission is to place the NTC at the forefront of the knowledge in fundamental nanophotonic science as well as to use this knowledge to build novel materials, devices and systems for a wide range of applications.

Nowadays, the NTC has a human team formed by more than 50 people, including UPV professors, post-doctoral researchers, clean-room technicians and PhD students. The strong involvement of all our skilled personnel enables us to develop activities in many different topics including telecom, datacom, computing, biosensing, space or photovoltaics, amongst others.

The NTC has a series of outstanding technological facilities, including state of the art simulation tools, labs for device and system characterization, and an assembly and packaging laboratory. But it deserves special consideration our state-of-the-art 500 m2 clean-room, aimed at the fabrication of nanophotonic structures and devices using silicon-compatible technology. Together with the CNM (Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica) in Barcelona and the ISOM in Madrid, our clean-room is part of the Micronanofabs network, approved by the Ministry of Science, Technology and University as an ICTS.