Mechanical profilometer. Dektak 150 by Bruker

The Dektak 150 is a highly sensitive mechanical stylus profilometer. A diamond-tipped stylus is moved laterally across the sample while in contact with the surface and measures deflections of the tip. It is used to measure film thickness, surface roughness, waviness and stress.

Sample-Positioning Stage:

Standard manual X-Y/theta
100 x 100 mm X-Y translation
360-degree rotation
manual leveling/two-point programmable or cursor software leveling

Stylus type/force:

12.5 μm/1 to 15 mg

Maximum Sample Thicknes /Wafer Size/Vertical range:

101/150 mm/524 μm

Scan length/Speed/Data points:

50 μm to 55 mm/3 to 200 seconds/60000 máximum

Vertical resolution:

1 Å (@65 kÅ), 10 Å (@655 kÅ), 80 Å (@5240 kÅ); 160 Å (@1 mm)