This research line is mainly focused on the design and characterization of advanced micro- and nano-photonic devices based on plasmonic nanostructures and other complex electromagnetic structures. Plasmonic nanostructures are made of metals, and thus they allow for overcoming the diffraction limit and achieve light manipulation at subwavelength scales. Our final goal is to implement plasmonic micro- and nano-structures on silicon photonics circuits, therefore making use of the fabrication facilities available at NTC.


But not only plasmonic nanostructures can improve the performance of current state-of-the-art silicon photonic chips. Recently, optomechanics has revealed itself as a research hot-topic since it provide the adequate mechanisms to make light and sound interact at the nanoscale. In our group we deal with optomechanical cavities built on silicon chips to manipulate GHz vibrations optically with the final aim of getting ultra-compact microwave photonic circuitry on silicon.


We are convinced that in future nanophotonic chips light will to interact with free-electrons in metals (via plasmons) as well as with mechanical vibrations (in suspended nanostructures via optomechanical forces). Therefore, the integration of plasmonic and optomechanical components onto silicon-photonics chips is a key step towards future nanophotonic chips, which is a goal pursued in our research line. Envisaged applications include signal processing, microwave photonics, nanospectroscopy and chemo-sensing.

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Alejandro Martínez - Group leader

Elena Pinilla Cienfuegos - Postdoctoral researcher

Víctor Jesús Gómez Hernández - Postdoctoral researcher

Laura Mercadé Morales - Postdoctoral researcher

Juan Enrique Vázquez-Lozano - Predoctoral researcher

Evelyn Díaz Escobar - Predoctoral researcher

Ana Díaz Rubio - Postdoctoral researcher

María Isabel Gómez Gómez - Senior researcher

Javier Redolat Querol - Predoctoral researcher

Lucía Castelló Pedrero - Proyectista

Laura Bonilla Hernández - Proyectista

Raúl López March - Proyectista

Ana Sanmartín Senent - Proyectista

Sofiya Zorina - Proyectista

Juan Carlos Gómez Fresneda - Proyectista

Diego Safont Safont - Proyectista

Eva Zafra Blázquez - Proyectista

Pepe Ausina Gimeno - Proyectista

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