Photonics for photovoltaics is a research line that focuses on the understanding of the: light to photovoltaic cell and module interactions, and how to use such knowledge to improve the efficiency.


Optimizing light trapping is one of our major concerns, and we take advantage of nanofabrication techniques to taylor the surface texture in order to modify the reflectance and absorbance properties of the cells.


We are also kean in exploring other nano-technologies to produce for instance nanoparticles or quantum dots and study effects such as plasmon interactions or downshifting, and their effects in the cell.

  1. The enhancement of near infrared light trapping in solar cells with backside crystalline silicon gratings: Realization and characterization investigation

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  2. A novel passivation process of silicon nanowires by a low-cost PECVD technique for deposition of hydrogenated silicon nitride using SiH4 and N2 as precursor …

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  3. Realistic simulation of metal nanoparticles on solar cells

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  10. Theory of random nanoparticle layers in photovoltaic devices applied to self-aggregated metal samples

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  12. Analysis of plasmonic nanoparticle fabrication techniques for efficient integration in photovoltaic devices

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    Proceedings of the 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition/5th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, Valencia, Spain


  13. Growth, morphology, and structural properties of group‐III‐nitride nanocolumns and nanodisks

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    physica status solidi (b) 244 (8), 2816-2837, 2007


Guillermo Sánchez Plaza - Group leader

Jorge Argente Garrigós - Junior researcher


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