The marking and cutting process separates the chips that make up the processed wafer. Usually, the dicing process needs a machine called a dicing saw or laser cutting.



This versatile platform is used in a wide range of micro assembly applications such as flip chip bonding (face down), precise die bonding (face up), Laser diode, laser diode bar bonding Optical engines, VCSEL/photo diode bonding LED bonding Micro optics assembly MEMS/ MOEMS/ sensor packaging 3D packaging Wafer level packaging (W2W, C2W) Chip on glass, chip on flex.

Placement accuracy:

5 µm

Field of view (min):

1.6 mm x 1.2 mm

Field of view (max): 

20 mm x 15 mm

Component size (min): 

0.125 mm x 0.125 mm

Component size (max):

40 mm x 40 mm

Theta fine travel:

± 6°

Z- travel: 

10 mm

Working area:

280 mm x 117 mm

Heating temp. (max):

1,2*: 400 °C

Bonding force (max): 

1,2*: 700 N