The NTC has a 250 m2 clean room (class 10-100-1000-10000) with a complete production line for the micro/nanofabrication on silicon with CMOS compatible technology that allows the processing of both photonic and electronic integrated circuits. The clean room is operated by a team of process and equipment engineers with a strong experience in developing and optimizing the required manufacturing  processes as well as running and maintaining the state-of-the-art equipment.

The available processes and capabilities are:

  • Lithography (e-beam & DUV “Mask aligner”)
  • ICP-RIE etching (Dielectric and Metal etch)
  • PECVD layer deposition (SiO2, Doped SiO2 -BPTEOS-, SiN, a-Si)
  • E-beam evaporation (metals, ITO, GST)
  • Lift-off
  • Conventional & Rapid thermal annealing

The following characterization tools are also available:

  • SEM
  • AFM
  • Profilometer
  • FTIR
  • Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
  • SNOM
  • Wet Benches and Dry Rinse Spinner: FSI Mercury reactor, SEMITOOOL organic solvent system
  • Conventional & Rapid Thermal Annealing
  • Deposition of Polysilicon and Dielectric Layers with precise refractive index control: 2 PECVD Applied Materials cluster tools (a-Si:H, Si3N4, TEOS-based B&P doped glasses)
  • Resist spinner, develop track and high pressure spray lift-off system
  • Lithography:
    • Vistec EBPG5000 (100kV)
    • Raith 150 e-Beam direct writing (30kV)
    • EVG 620 DUV Mask Aligner system
    • TEL Mk VZ Developer & Coater
  • Dry Etching systems (RIE, ICP): STS and Corial  500 systems.
  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD): 2 Pfeiffer E-beam evaporation and Emitech  DC sputter systems
  • Metrology: Hitachi SEM and optical microscopes for x-section analysis of small samples, JEOL FIB for x-section analysis of 6” wafers.

Rafael Bueno Barbeyto - Group leader

Amadeu Griol Barres - Postdoctoral researcher

José Ángel Ayúcar Ruiz - Process engineer

Juan Hurtado Montañés - Process engineer

Laurent Christophe Bellieres - Process engineer

Todora Ivanova Angelova - Process engineer

Miroslavna Kovylina Zabyako - Process engineer

David Zurita Herranz - Process engineer

Alfredo Peñarrubia Blasco - Technical staff

Luis Collado Aranda - Technical staff

Cristina Villegas Martínez - Technical staff

Jose Luis Quintanilla Ruiz - Technical staff


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