The main aim of the Assembly and Packaging Laboratory is the development of back-end and packaging technologies for components in the field of photonics, optoelectronics, mems, moems, sensors and LED/OLED that can apply in the investigation, prototipation and packaging engineering in areas as telecom, datacom, biotecnology, ambient, microelectronics and space applications. Furthermore, we are also focused on package design utilizing softwares including optical, thermal and mechanical simulations (AutoCad, Comsol, Zemax).

General packaging process once a silicon photonic wafer has been manufactured.

  • Vertical and horizontal alignment and pigtailing
  • Dicing
  • Die Bonding, Flip-Chip Bonding
  • Tacking, In situ reflow, Eutetic bonding
  • Thermocompression
  • Single-Step solder ball placement
  • Flux-free reflow with laser
  • Flux less / solder paste / void free soldering
  • Thermo compression wafer bonding
  • Wafer bump reflow
  • Wire bonding
  • Ribbon Bonding
  • Splicing
  • Package lid sealing
  • Flip Chip bonder SET FC150
  • Ball bumper PACTECH model SB2-M
  • Die-attach FINETECH model PICO MA
  • Wire Bonder TPT model HB16
  • Dicing line DISCO model DAD3350
  • Reflow vacuum oven ATV model SR714
  • 2 Alignment and Pigtailing Benches 15 axes Micos
  • Splicer FUJIKURA (PM fibers)
  • Stereo, metallographic microscopy and SEM
  • 1 Chemical Hood
  • Seam sealing equipment PYRAMID
  • Climatic Chamber ESPEC model EGNX12-6CAL
  • Pull-shear tests XYZTEC model Condor EZ

Rafael Bueno Barbeyto - Group leader

Juan Navarro Arenas - Postdoctoral researcher

José Ángel Ayúcar Ruiz - Process engineer

David Zurita Herranz - Process engineer


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